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Finite Math: M118, V118, D116, D117

Set theory

By: Sarah

Welcome to to the very first video in our finite math series! In this video, we'll talk about the basic concept…

Probability with combinations

By: Sarah

This video covers one of the more challenging types of combination and probability problems that are commonly…

How to understand and solve Leontief input-output model (technology matrix) problems

By: Alex

Today, let's take a look at everyone's favorite matrix application problem, Leontief input-output models. You…

A linear programming word problem - with a surprise twist!

By: Alex

Today, I thought I'd tackle a problem from one of the most "popular" courses (read "required for almost all…

Going steady (state) with Markov processes

By: Alex

After the finite midterm, you may have been confused and annoyed when the class seemed to abruptly shift from…

K201: The Computer in Business

12 key concepts you should master before your first K201 lab practical (Access)

By: Dalia

Dalia strikes again with this handy reference guide for the Microsoft Access portion of K201. This is not intended…

GP5 - How to do date functions (TODAY,DATEDIF) and more complex formulas

By: Dalia

Today, we're releasing the first of our K201 Excel series videos.

In this how-to video, Dalia explains…

GP5 - Aggregate functions (COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNTIF, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF) in Microsoft Excel

By: Dalia

Today we're releasing a double feature on GP5. In this video, we start by explaining COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MAX,…

GP5 - Combining Index/Match with Aggregate Functions

By: Dalia

Second video of today's double feature: GP5: COUNTIF, SUMIF, AVERAGEIF. These concepts are easy when first learned…

GP6 - Amortization Tables (PMT) in Microsoft Excel

By: Dalia

An amortization schedule is typically used to describe compound-interest loans that have a fixed amount to be…

GP6 - Present Value (PV), Future Value (FV), and Other Financial Formulas in Excel

By: Dalia

In this video, we cover some of the other common financial formulas that come up in K201's Excel unit. Examples…

GP6 and GP7 - IF Statements - Simple and Nested

By: Dalia

Our last video for GP6 covers Excel's IF formula. We go over some simple use cases (for GP6),…

GP7 - Lookup Functions - VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX

By: Dalia

One of the more powerful features of Excel is its collection of lookup functions, which let you cross-reference…


By: Dalia

Today's post is courtesy of our awesome K201 tutor Dalia, who wants you to get comfortable with some of Excel's…

GP8 - One- and two-variable data tables and what-if analysis

By: Dalia

Even casual Excel users have probably encountered a situation where they wanted to test a formula against a…


By: Dalia

To be honest, Excel's text functions are kind of awkward and limited. Unlike full-blown programming languages…

Statistics: K300, K310, S301

The difference between type I and type II errors

By: Damon

Statistics is all about trying to make generalizations based on something we can actually see and measure -…

When to use the z-test versus t-test

By: Alex

How do I know when to use the t-test instead…

Calculus 1: M119 & M211

M119 Notes - Week 2 - Supply and Demand

By: Sarah

1.4b Budget constraint problem with fixed prices for 2 items

You have a budget of 500 dollars for books…