Our COVID-19 Response

We hold the safety of our students and tutors in the highest regard.

In March of 2020 when campus went into lockdown, Bloomington Tutors made the decision to limit services to virtual tutoring sessions to protect the health of our tutors and students. Even when IU began to cautiously reopen, we continued to err on the side of caution and adhere to an online-only policy until the campus community was widely vaccinated.

During this period we were delighted to hear success stories from so many of our customers, demonstrating the power of one-on-one tutoring even in an online setting. As such we will continue to offer virtual tutoring alongside, or as an alterative to, our regular in-person services.

That being said, the pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation. New variants are on the rise, and some may present a significant health risk even to those who are fully vaccinated. We closely follow IU's guidance, and our response will always be at least as conservative as that of the university itself - if not moreso.

Because of the added uncertainty of pandemic life, we will do our best to be flexible about our policies concerning refunds, withdrawals, and schedule changes during this time. When you are matched with your tutor, you will have the opportunity to discuss how you would like to meet. As always, sessions will be one-on-one with an expert in your course. You will not be billed or charged until you have successfully been matched with a tutor who can meet with you on mutually agreeable terms. In the event of another lockdown, we will be happy to refund any unused package sessions for those who want strictly in-person tutoring.

To see IU's COVID-19 response, visit their website.