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Bloomington Tutors | Finite

Finite Math.

Just about every student at IU has to take finite math - so it's no surprise that M118 is one of our most popular courses. No matter where you're getting stuck, after years of experience tutoring this course, they've seen it all.

Bloomington Tutors | K201 and Business


Trying to get into Kelley? We have tutors at IU for K201, A100, A201, S301, and a whole lot more. When you purchase a one-on-one session with us, every minute is devoted to the material that you personally want to work on.

Bloomington Tutors | Calculus


Calculus is big on abstract reasoning, and requires a solid background in algebra. Limits, derivatives, and integrals are essential concepts. Our calculus tutors can help you focus on the material that's important for the test.

Unlike other tutoring services, we never put you into groups - that's what office hours are for. With tutors specializing in the most common required courses at Indiana University and Ivy Tech, including M118, M119, K201, K300, S301, K310, A100, and A201 we've got you covered.

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We have specific tutors who specialize in finite, calculus, statistics, accounting, and K201. A tutor who best fits your course and schedule will contact you within 24 hours or less (usually a lot less) to set up an appointment.


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Most students and tutors find it convenient to meet at the Indiana University campus, in Wells Library or the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU). However, some of our tutors may be able to meet you at another location - we'll do our best to accommodate your needs!

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Our tutors are college upperclassmen and graduates with prior experience in tutoring finite math, K201, calculus, statistics, and other common classes at Indiana University (IU). They know the material and can walk you through it in clear and intelligible language.

Finite math and calculus

Thomasina was super nice and really helped me understand the concepts! She is great at breaking down the material and making it easier to learn!


Finite math, statistics, and calculus

Understood what I had trouble with very early on, only focused on important parts so we didn't waste any time.

Business, accounting, and finite math

She allows me to try and figure it out for myself, this helps me have a better understanding of the concepts.


I really enjoyed how we worked through concepts to remember how formulas are derived. It was memorable and I could quickly replicate it when i needed to.

Looking for Kelly Business School tutoring? We mean business.

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